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Letter from the President

The relevance of the Lynchburg Academy of Medicine ebbs and flows, but the ongoing dramatic changes in the foundations of the practice of medicine are akin to shifting tectonic plates, creating a broad surge that can approach almost undetected, but carrying an incredible amount of power. Now, more than ever, we must come together as a medical community and be prepared to respond as a cohesive unit. As an organization of physicians that spans primary care to specialists, pediatrics to neurosurgery, new physicians to entrenched practitioners, the Academy’s relevance is at high point, but continues to swell.

And so a primary goal in the coming year is to further increase our membership. The Lynchburg Academy of Medicine is in place to bridge together all of the physicians of the community, independent from the boundaries of group practices, hospital affiliations, contracts, or CIEs. Our collective knowledge, our understanding, our resources, and our impact, are all dependent on the depth of our physician participation. We will be actively approaching the new doctors in town and striving to get complete group membership. We want LAM to represent as close to 100% of area physicians as possible.

As president for this coming year, I plan to continue the momentum generated by Joe Hutchison and Alex Wilgus to promote a more closely knit physician community. I am firmly rooted in the belief that this is paramount to our future. More and more, the world is asking us to work together as a group to provide a higher level of quality with greater efficiency. And collegial relationships are absolutely essential. All of our meetings this year will by design either have generous social opportunities or simply be purely “meet and greet.”

In addition to cross-linking our physician community, LAM is about supporting Lynchburg and the surrounding communities. This year, we have chosen to focus on the Free Clinic of Central Virginia. The Free Clinic handles some 10,000 office visits per year, providing a vital service in our community that often goes unnoticed. Our medical community has had an influx of excellent new physicians, and it is our goal to leverage that talent to further support this important cause.

Lastly, LAM remains a strong supporter of the Medical Society of Virginia. Just as it is important that we stand together as local physicians, it is equally important that our voice be heard at the state level in this tumultuous time.
Join us at LAM as we continue to shape the environment that we practice and live in!

J. Salmon, MD

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