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Letter from the President

Thank you for visiting our website!

I am very pleased to be afforded the honor of being the Lynchburg Academy of Medicine president for the 2013-2014 cycle. I am very grateful to Dr. Joe Hutchison for his service for 2012-13, and I am also in agreement with his vision of a need for using LAM (and LAMA) as a means to promote improved social relationships among the membership. As we are all aware, changes in the way health care is delivered for acute, chronic, preventive, and long-term care are coming, and it is critical that members of a medical community such as ours share a common vision for implementing those changes, whether voluntary or imposed. Such changes require that we nurture mutual respect and understanding to allow cooperation as we attempt to transform healthcare delivery in Central Virginia.

The result of the survey that was passed out at the September 2013 joint meeting with Centra Health indicates that those returning the survey would like to mix it up a bit in our general membership meetings – some with a program, and some with just an opportunity to socialize and get acquainted with one another. We will attempt to meet that expectation in our future meetings.

We also need to evolve as an organization. We will be experimenting with social media tools, including electronic versions of LAM Light (send those article in!), more timely and adept email invitations to events, and even possibly the use of Twitter and other tools to stay in touch with our membership, with less reliance on the postal system. We will try to survey membership to help us keep pace with your needs. Please be sure we have your preferred email address – you can add yours to our emailing address list from the link at the bottom of this page.

I must also extend a heartfelt thanks to Dr. Pat Pletke, who has been a tireless and patient editor for LAM Light for the past many years. As most of you know, she has many things on her plate, including holding the chair of the Centra Medical Group Board. She now passes that torch to Dr. Moira Rafferty, who has very graciously accepted that role for LAM. Articles are always needed, so please contact Dr. Rafferty with any contributions you may have.

Finally, Mary Ann Tucker, our executive secretary for about 25 years, has told us that she plans to retire in mid-2014. We are very grateful to her for her many years of service, her encyclopedic knowledge of the Lynchburg area medical community, and her valiant efforts to “herd cats” through the succession of LAM presidents and board members.

Please email me with any concerns, comments, or suggestions you may have.

-Alex Wilgus

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